MOXIE provides free record service to high school student organizations that are interested in using music as part of what they do. We primarily work with high school newspapers, radio/TV stations, and Student Government/ASBs. CDS and videos are sent to you and you decide if you want to review/write about it in your school paper, give it airplay on your radio station, show the video as part of your broadcast, or play the music at school dances and events. In addition, we also do ad campaigns, run contests, set up interviews with artists, provide tickets for you to review concerts, and bring artists to play at/visit schools.

Since our founding in 1997, our service is, and always has been free to schools. The only requirement we have for participation is that you let us know what you did with the music through feedback materials we provide.


In conjunction with record companies, we send high school student organizations free music from current artists. In return,you let us know how you used the music (did you review it, play it, etc?) & what you thought of it via feedback forms we provide online & with the music. You are NEVER under any obligation to use it, but it is expected that you tell us whether you did or not. And, if you're a newspaper, we get mighty grateful when we receive articles &/or the paper they were in on any music you have covered. We like reading it, and the record companies and bands that provide it like seeing it.

    Other things we do:

    · We let you know when bands are touring and hook you up with tickets to concerts so you can review the show.
    · Set up interviews with artists.
    · Have artists cut station IDS for your radio station.
    · Run ad campaigns in high school papers.
    · Arrange for artist to perform at and/or visit your school.
    · Run contests.
    · Set up listening parties at school.
    · Make on-campus DVD/movie screenings available to your school.
    · Give you free music stuff to use and hand out. These are things like samplers, posters, stickers, bookcovers, etc. Many student organizations find these to be very useful promo items for them.

What you do:
Listen to/view what is sent. Consider writing about it, airing it, or playing it. Let us know whether you did or not.

Some artists we have worked with:
All American Rejects, Lifehouse, Jimmy Eat World, Switchfoot, Usher, Will Smtih, Gwen Stefani, Justin Bieber, One Republic, Orianthi, U2-and many many more.


Go to FAQ if you want to learn more.

MORE ABOUT US-or why we get out of bed every day

MOXIE began life as SHAGG in 1996, & was started by a couple of record industry burn-outs. I can say that because I was one of them & thus have permission to speak about myself in that way.

Why were we burned out? We got into the business out of a love of music, and it was frustrating to constantly see great artists and records getting overlooked because they weren't able to get in front of people who might have liked them. Why? Well, most people never even get to hear a lot of artists because most music exposure is determined by a bunch of media gatekeepers called radio, online whatevers, MTV, and press. If radio didn't want to play it (there's NO HIT!!), MTV wouldn't air it, press rarely covered it and so on and so on and so on. As a result, we felt that one of the most active and aware segments of music lovers-teens-were being massively underserved by much of the mainstream media and not being given much opportunity to be active participants in their own culture.

MOXIE was started to be a bridge between these two realities. By sending you music, we hopefully enable you to hear & discover some artists you may not have known about otherwise. In turn, YOU can decide whether you want to make them a part of your paper, radio station, or other school activities. You may or may not. But we hope that, at the very least, the music we send can be a conduit to further learning, exploration, and critical analysis of your culture. And that in doing so, we create opportunities to apply some of the classroom skills you are learning to real-world settings by exposing you to music and situations through writing reviews, doing interviews, participating in essay contests, reviewing a concert-that you would not have had access to otherwise.


You know--like Almost Famous. Or maybe Spinal Tap.

POLICY-rules and stuff like that

In order for us to continue to send you free music, we HAVE to let the record companies know how you used it. They MUST have this information-if only to be assured that all the stuff they send isn't ending up in the school dumpster. SO:

    You MUST give us feedback via a feedback postcard we send you OR our online forms. This doesn't take long, and its invaluable to do what we do. If you review a record or a live show, you must either mail, fax or email a copy of the review. If your paper is online, you can simply send us the article link.

    · You can be removed from MOXIE anytime you want. Just tell us.

    · We don't send out records that have parental advisories attached, or contain offensive or inappropriate content for a school setting.

    · We don't share your email or other contact info with anyone. We do like to have your email so we can stay in touch and keep you apprised of opportunities like interviews, advertising, school shows, etc.


How do we go about setting up interviews?
Whenever we have interviews available with artists we are working with, we will contact you with dates, times, and other pertinent details. If you are interested in doing the interview, you get in touch with us and we will set it up.

What's a phoner?

That's when we schedule an interview for you over the phone. The band calls you at a designated time at a number you provide.

Can you get us an interview or tickets for U2 or Limp Biscuit or Britney Spears or some other goliath superstar?

Not unless we are involved with them and they are doing interviews and/or providing us with tickets for you. Sometimes they do, but we can't help you unless we are working with them.

How do I get tickets if I want to review a concert? Are the tickets free? Can I get an extra ticket to bring someone with me? Can we take pictures? Will I be able to go backstage?

Whenever a band we work with tours, they let us know whether we can have tickets for their shows for student journalists, and whether they will be available to do interviews at the venue. If we do get tickets, they are always free to the journalists, and we ALWAYS get 2 ticket so you can bring someone with you. Sometimes we can get tickets but NOT interviews - it all depends on the band's schedule. We can usually provide you with photo passes to take pictures, though they may limit the number of songs you can shoot to 2-3 to keep distractions while on stage to a minimum. Backstage passes will depend on whether your interviews are taking place before or after a show, though sometimes bands will do meet & greets, and you can get passes for those events.

How can I set up a school show or visit with an artist?

On occasion, we work with artists that are doing school shows and visits. When we do, they give us their schedule of when they are going to be specific cities. We follow that schedule and get in touch with the schools in those cities we work with to see if they would like to have them. If so, we set it up. There is never any charge to you for this, and the artists bring their own production. Format for these performances vary from special assemblies to lunch performances to class visits to school fundraisers-but the main thing is we work with you to make it work for everyone.

What are listening parties?

Listening parties are events/gatherings hosted by you & your student organization where an artist's record is played, videos are shown, and materials like posters, music, T-shirts and you provide the setting! Some examples: as a lunch activity, an-after school party or fundraiser, or folded into an ongoing school activity like a mixer or dance. We leave the details up to you.


If all this sounds like stuff that will make your life more worth living, we would love to have you be a part of what we do. Just hit here to sign up!