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Since our founding in 1997, MOXIE has provided high school newspapers, radio & TV with current music & videos to utilize as part of your ongoing ciricullum and activities. In conjunction with record companies, CDS & videos are serviced to your student organization or class on a regular basis.

Our service is, and always has been, free to schools. The only requirement we have is that you let us know what you did with the music through feedback materials we provide; you are under no obligation to use it--only to let us know whether or not you did. Anyone who works with a high school student organization is welcome to sign up.

We usually also send out samplers and other artist swag for you all to use as you see fit (most use it for prizes, to promote their organization, as incentives, etc), bring artist on-campus to do free shows, take out advertising in high school newspapers, and conduct contests with prizes for both the students and the school.

Students benefit by having the opportunity to apply what they are learning in the classroom to a real-life setting through getting to do interviews, figure out how to make videos part of the programming, review current music, set up shows, etc. Many papers are able to have regular & professional level entertainment sections because of our service. Many advisors have stated that it has provided them with a dynamic teaching tool & given students an exciting learning opportunity.

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